3 Items No School Backpack Should be Without

Notebooks? Check! Pencils? Check! Markers? Check! As parents, we do all we can to help our kids get off to school happy, healthy, and well prepared for their school activities.  In addition to their school supplies, there are items we can drop into backpacks to help ensure our youngsters stay clean and healthy in the classroom.

  • Hand sanitizer – Yep, these little bottles come in “handy” before and after lunch or after getting off the bus.
  • Antibacterial hand wipes – Pick up a to-go pack for times when those hands get really dirty to and from school.
  • Tissues – Help keep other kids healthy by encouraging your kids to wipe their runny noses with tissues and throw the used ones away.

What else do you put into your kids’ backpack to keep them Happy and Healthy?



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