Are Your Kids’ Backpacks and Lunchboxes Ready for Back to School?

Chances are, the last time you thought about your kids’ backpacks and lunchboxes was on the last day of school. Maybe you stuffed them into a closet for the summer, out of sight and out of mind.? Are they even emptied out?

Well, school is right around the corner, and those backpacks and lunchboxes are going to be seeing some action again very soon.

Here’s how to get them back into shape for back to school.


● Wash metal or plastic lunchboxes like you would wash dishes, in the sink or dishwasher if they are dishwasher-safe.
● For soft-sided lunchboxes, check the label – you may be able to wash them with your clothes.
● Get in the habit of washing lunchboxes weekly and cleaning spills or spots as soon as you see them.


● Remove all the leftovers from the last year, including old and broken school supplies, random notes and wrappers.
● Be sure to check every pocket – some backpacks have several. Use a small vacuum attachment to completely empty them.
● Check the label and use the washing machine if possible. Otherwise, hand wash. If the fabric doesn’t have a care label, test a small part of the fabric first before you wash the whole thing.
● Pre-treat any stains using a pre-treatment stain remover.
● Let the backpack air-dry with all the pockets open.

Now you’re ready for the first day of school. Your kids… that’s a different story.



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