Clean with Vinegar? Yes or No?

When it comes to cleaning, you might not be sure if you can truly get things clean by using vinegar. Well, the answer is yes…and no. Some things should never be cleaned with vinegar. For example, natural stone countertops like granite can be damaged by the acid in vinegar. Same goes for stone tile and hardwood floors and furniture. And stains that set into clothes (food, blood, etc.) need a formulated cleaning product to safely and thoroughly clean the item.

There are times when vinegar can be helpful. For instance, it can help remove hard water residue on clothing, as noted in ACI’s laundry problems and solutions page. Some people swear by it to wash windows. But it won’t always disinfect and might not leave them smelling as fresh as you’d like. For a solutions guide to the most common household cleaning problems, check out this page of our website.



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