Find Joy at Your Feet

Swing open the front door, inhale a fresh scent, and catch gleams of light reflecting from shiny counters and handles. There’s nothing like that feeling of returning to a clean home. Knowing your special space is sparkly definitely can give you an instant mood boost. Yet, not all cleaning jobs are created equal when it comes to happiness. According to a past ACI survey, here’s what makes us most satisfied.

1.     Gleaming floors (21%)
2.     Tidy toilets (21%)
3.     Clean countertops (20%)
4.     Sparkling shower (15%)
5.     Crystal clear windows (12%)
6.     Spotless sinks (7%)
7.     Clean mirrors (3%)

Here are some simple cleaning tips to make your home your happy place:

Cover up: Laying rugs or mats down at room entrances can prevent dirt and grime buildup. For a quick clean, use a dry, electrostatic sheet to grab loose dust. Or you can use an all-in-one mop with cloths that have a cleaning solution on them.

Spot Check: Keep wipes right on the kitchen counter for easy access during cooking. Wipe down counters after preparing raw meat, poultry, or seafood.

Get Handy: Clean smudged mirrors by spraying glass cleaner on a soft cotton cloth instead of directly onto the glass surface.

Flush Dirt Goodbye: Use flushable wipes on toilet rims, tanks, faucets, sinks, and basins. They’re designed to be safe for plumbing, septic tanks, and the environment.

Get a Clean Routine: Shampoo, condition, then spray for soap scum. Right after you shower, you can spray a cleaner while the surfaces are still wet.



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