Find Simple Pleasures in Your Day

Life is busy. Do you ever feel like the day flies by, and you’ve barely even looked up? We know we should be savoring and finding joy in our lives, but who has time for that?

You do.

Here are some very quick ways to find simple pleasures in your day, no matter how busy you are.

1. Find beauty in your commute. Find a view that you like, or a tree whose leaves you can track through the year. Notice it every time you pass it.
2. Text a different friend every day, and let them know what you appreciate about their friendship.
3. Buy a scented candle when you’re on vacation, and light it for 20 minutes every day.
4. Vacuum a room, and enjoy the clean floor.
5. Put your phone down and read something besides emails over lunch to give you mind a break.
6. Fire up your playlist, and find a song you don’t know by heart.
7. Put on lip gloss.
8. Pet your pet.
9. Go outside at night, and really look at the stars and the moon.
10. Write a hand-written thank you note to a friend or colleague.

See, it’s not that hard!



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