Hey, It’s Clean Your Room Day!

In honor of today being Clean Your Room Day AND because it’s Asthma Awareness Month, we decided to share 5 helpful tips for keeping asthma and allergy triggers under control in your bedrooms. Of course, don’t forget to tidy up on the other 364 days!

  1. If possible, use allergy-proof pillows and mattress covers, and be sure to wipe them down weekly with a clean, damp cloth.
  2. Wash your sheets weekly and blankets and bedspreads monthly.
  3. Wipe blinds with a clean, damp cloth and wash your curtains monthly.
  4. Dust your furniture weekly using a cloth that attracts dust (a dry cloth just spreads dust around and doesn’t remove it).
  5. Vacuum and wet mop your floors weekly.

Even more tips can be found here!



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