How Much Do You Know About Proper Laundry Packet Storage?

We know we talk a lot about cleaning product safety, especially liquid laundry packets. But it’s such an important topic that we’ve written yet another post about it. Proper storage of liquid laundry packets is essential for preventing accidents stemming from children putting them in their mouths or getting detergent in their eyes.

We surveyed 1,000 parents and caregivers, half who had children under 4, and found that many of them didn’t know how to store liquid laundry packets safely.

  • 61% store packets within sight or reach of children
  • 1 in 4 put the packets on the washing machine while doing laundry, which puts them within easy reach of children
  • 68% of parents do not have a lock on the closet or cabinet where they keep laundry packets

Making simple and easy changes like putting laundry packets up and out of reach of young children, keeping packets stored in their original packaging, and adding a lock to the cabinet where they are stored can make a huge difference in preventing accidents involving laundry products.



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