How-to Clean Stainless Steel

Here at Clean and Happy Nest, we get asked how to clean stainless steel. For those of you who have this wildly popular finish on appliances, pots and pans, and more, we recommend using a professionally-formulated cleaner designed for use on stainless steel. Here are some other tips we provided to Consumer Reports earlier this year:

Step 1: Dip a soft cloth in warm water mixed with a mild dish detergent. Wipe the surface, rinse the cloth and wipe again, then dry with a towel to prevent water spots.

Step 2: If you still see fingerprints, spray a glass cleaner onto a soft cloth and wipe fingerprints away.

Step 3: To remove baked-on food and grease, make a paste of baking soda and warm water. Gently rub onto the surface using a soft cloth or sponge. Wipe with a clean wet cloth and towel dry. For scratches and stains, use a stainless steel cleaner and apply to the area, following directions. Rinse with a clean damp cloth, then dry.

Don’t have stainless steel? We have a guide on how to clean all the surfaces you might have in your kitchen. Happy cleaning!




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    Kathleen Rose

    I love your hints! I’ve been keeping a home for many years now and I’m still learning. 😉 However, your info is published in such a light gray color that I can barely read it. I don’t want to skip over a single email because my eyes are tired. Can you darken the font, please?


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