How to Stay Clean During a Natural Disaster

While we can’t control when natural disasters will affect us, we can take charge of how prepared we are to handle them. One website that offers great advice for creating plans for everything from evacuations and staying in touch with loved ones to safeguarding documents and pets is

Cleaning supplies are important to have on hand during natural disasters – whether you are staying at home or heading for higher ground. Depending on the emergency, water may be unclean or scarce, germs or bacteria may be rampant, or you may simply need a way to keep clean on the go.

Here’s a list of supplies that you should keep handy in a small to-go kit or supplies stash.

  • Hand sanitizer and a bar or dispenser of soap
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Small bottle of dish soap with bottled water
  • Small bottle of laundry detergent
  • Facial/body wipes

Of course, we hope you will never have a need for this stash, but safe is always better than sorry! What else do you keep in your emergency kit?



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