It’s National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day!

What fun! On this day each year, kids and teens are encouraged to cook their favorite meal for their families (with adult supervision as required, of course).

Empowering kids in the kitchen is a great opportunity for them to learn about cooking as well as safety. Here are some things to teach them while having some fun cooking pancakes for dinner, pizza for breakfast, or whatever makes them happy.

  • When cooking with raw ingredients like eggs and chicken, always wash your hands and hard surfaces with products designed to kill bacteria. Wiping them with a paper towel just isn’t enough!
  • Never try to wipe or clean a pan or stovetop when it’s still hot!
  • To help avoid accidents of all kinds, don’t get distracted by cell phones or the TV when working in the kitchen.
  • When loading dishwashers, always put knife points facing down. Carefully, place glassware in to avoid breakage, and always wait for the machine to cool before unloading.

Here’s a great article on how to help choose cleaning tasks that are right for your family members.



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