Laundry Basics – True or False About Treating Tough Stains!

While it’s always recommended to treat clothing stains as quickly as possible, some stains are are just so tough (grass, ink, blood, grease, etc.) that it’s even more important to pre-treat them right away. It’s always best to test a hidden area of the fabric first, in case the fabric is too delicate. Also, if you haven’t already tried enzyme detergents, get one! They are specially formulated to break down the proteins that are in most stubborn stains.

True or False:

  • You should wait for mud to dry before you try and clean it.

TRUE: After it dries, brush off as much as you can, use gentle detergent and water to rub the fabric, and wash in an enzyme detergent.

  • A dull knife can be useful in stain removal.

TRUE: Before working on a stain for things like wax or syrup, first use a blunt knife to remove any excess.

  • Alcohol can help get out ink stains.

TRUE: It can be used as an alternative stain remover in a bind. Check out ACI’s stain removal guide for more tips!

It’s also not a bad idea to keep a to-go stain remover stick in your purse, car or bag in case you aren’t near a washer. What’s your favorite tough stain tip?



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