2024 Cleaning Product Trends

Happy New Year! We’re looking into our cleaning crystal ball to predict what the big trends will be for cleaning products and we’re excited by the possibilities. Here are our top three trends to watch:

Prioritizing Convenience: Going to the cleaning products aisle and comparing the options can be a bit of a process. When you find a cleaning product that you know and trust, one option is to set up delivery through a service like Amazon to send it directly to your door, saving you time and money. And those products we trust are more likely to be pre-measured and ready-to-use, from liquid laundry packets to disinfecting wipes. More and more, cleaning is becoming less of a chore.

Harnessing Green Chemistries: The cleaning product supply chain is committed to sustainability and one way you can see this is in the product formulations. There’s more information about ingredient sources and more innovations that can help products work in cold water and less of it. Keep an eye out for more advancements in this space in the coming year.

Bringing In AI and Robots: Advances in technology mean you don’t have to clean on your own anymore. Vacuum robots are coming down in price. AI has the potential to make smart appliances even smarter. And you can ask your phone for the latest cleaning advice instead of relying on outdated tips a family member told you years ago. As technology progresses, it’s like we’re all getting our own cleaning assistants.

What do you think? Are there any you’re most looking forward to? What about trends you’re seeing that we missed?



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