Avoiding Germs at the Gym

Get results from the gym, not other people’s germs! Many gyms are closed right now, but soon they may begin to open back up. Even if you’re just working out using your home gym equipment, keep cleaning in mind. Germs can hang around on the sometimes damp workout surfaces.

Exercise machines, free weights, yoga mats and even water fountain buttons – any place that hands touch or that attracts body sweat – are breeding grounds. The germs that lurk there can easily transfer from infected surfaces to hands and from your hands to your eyes, nose and mouth, thus spreading infection.

Make these steps part of your gym habits:

  • Keep a towel handy to prevent your sweat from dripping onto the machines to help keep them looking and smelling clean.
  • At the beginning and end of each segment of your exercise regime, clean the surface of the equipment with a wipe or spray.
  • Wash your hands after using the exercise equipment. If water and soap arenʼt available, gel formulas and wipes can be effective substitutes.
  • Wash water bottles after each use with soap and water and let dry completely to avoid any germ build-up.
  • Launder clothes after each workout in cold water. Check out our blog post on workout clothes for more care info.


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