Celebrating Cleaning Innovations

Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day! Today, we celebrate the power of human ingenuity and the incredible ways in which it has shaped our world. One area where this ingenuity shines brightly is in the development of cleaning products. As new products and processes are developed, they help keep our homes cleaner, make our lives more convenient, and are friendlier to our planet. Here are just some of the ways the cleaning product supply chain is evolving the cleaning experience:

Cleaning Power:

The most important aspect of a cleaning product is that it works and works well. From creating laundry detergents that clean in cold water to dish detergents using the power of enzymes to break down left-on food, you can find shelves full of products that meet your cleaning needs.


Some products now have the cleaning tool and the cleaning product combined for easy use, like for mopping and toilet cleaning. Some products are premeasured into single doses, eliminating the need for measuring, pouring, or mixing before starting to clean. Thanks to advancements and innovations, we have a wide range of cleaning products that cater to different preferences and make cleaning less of a chore.


We all have a role to play in sustainability and the cleaning products industry is committed to doing its part. New product formulations are more concentrated and use ingredients from more sustainable sources. Factories making cleaning product ingredients have lower carbon footprints. In fact, the entire cleaning product supply chain is striving to become carbon neutral.


Cleaning products should always be stored away from children, up and out of sight. To further prevent accidents, the cleaning product industry is committed to safety. Safety innovations have ranged from bitter coatings to child resistant packaging and beyond.

Cheers to a cleaner, greener, and more innovative future!



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