Cleaning for Your Mental Health

Does a cluttered space leave you feeling anxious or stressed? You’re not alone. Studies have shown that cleaning (or a lack of it) has an impact on your mental health. When we asked college students, 93% agreed that having a clean room helps them feel their best, both mentally and physically. If we know that tidying our space can help improve our wellbeing, why aren’t our spaces sparkling? Getting your home clean, and keeping it that way, can be harder than it seems, especially when life gets busy. That’s why we’re sharing tips for World Mental Health Day on how to get cleaning!

  • Keep it manageable. If you set out to clean your space top to bottom and keep it that way from now on, you’ll likely fail. Instead, break tasks into smaller pieces and tackle one at a time. It might just be organizing a drawer today but will add up to a more organized home over time.
  • Focus on progress, not perfection. Commit to moving things nearer to where they belong when you change rooms or move around your space. This can mean gathering plates to bring back to the kitchen or staging items that may need to go upstairs. Then, in the next bit of cleaning, you can take them the next part of the way. Slowly, things will get back to where they belong. It can be helpful to take a before photo to look back at so that you notice improvement.
  • Reduce your stuff. It can be hard to keep a space free from clutter when there’s nowhere to put it. Free up your storage space by parting with unnecessary things, whether through a KonMari method of asking if it sparks joy or just thinking about what you really need. Feel good about making a donation that will help others while also contributing to keep your space more organized.
  • Make it fun. Try to build in elements that lift you up. Play mood-boosting music and open the blinds to let in sunlight. Use a cleaner with a scent you really enjoy. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore.
  • Gather supporters. If you have friends and family who can help, cleaning can turn into quality time with loved ones. Enlist people who encourage you and set a specific, reasonable set of tasks to accomplish together. Then celebrate together on a job well done!


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