Cleaning Surfaces

It’s hard to believe that, in our homes, we have up to 15 different hard surface types! From paint and wood, to glass, porcelain and tile, there are ways to clean each surface to keep them looking beautiful all year long.

For best results when using any cleaning product, read and follow label directions. Labels will give specific instructions for types of surfaces the cleaner should or shouldn’t be used on, how much to use and how to use the product. Pay attention to things like contact time, which is the amount of time a surface needs to remain wet for a cleaning product to fully do its job.

In addition, read and follow the use and care guidelines that come with fixtures, stainless steel appliances and other surfaces. This will usually give you the most specific information about how to keep your surfaces clean and looking their best. If you don’t have the care instructions for an appliance or aren’t sure how to keep a particular surface clean, not to worry! On ACI’s website, you’ll find all the answers to cleaning different kinds of ceramic (tile and cooktops), glass (mirrors, windows, shower doors), acrylic (bathtubs and home décor) and so much more.



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