Don’t Forget (to Clean) the Small Stuff

We chose the photo of this tidy living room to accompany this post to show you that while your home may look clean, some of the hardest to reach areas may not be as clean as they seem. We, like many of you, don’t always have time to clean the nooks and crannies. With the few minutes we have, the most we can do is tackle the floors, countertops and other “large” areas. Most likely, some of the small spaces go a bit longer in between cleanings.

So, here are a few tips to help you get to those hard-to-reach, harder-to-clean spots in your home to help keep your family and belongings in good shape.

What not to forget:

  • Bookshelves: Chances are, if you haven’t cleaned your shelves in a while, dust will have collected on your books and décor. Our recommendation is to set aside some time to take the items off, clean them and the shelves, and replace them. Don’t forget the tippy top!
  • Light fixtures: Lampshades, fan blades, and other parts of lighting collect dust and dirt. And knobs can get turned by dirty hands. Use a cleaning wipe or duster (depending on the surface material) to keep the dust bunnies at bay.
  • Curtains: Depending on the material, you may be able to launder your curtains (read the fabric label, as you might need to have them dry cleaned). You also can vacuum and deodorize them, in the case you can’t take them down.
  • Windowsills: These are notorious for collecting dust, pollen, and other debris. If need be, remove any screens to wipe down the elements that enter from outside!
  • The Sofa: This is just a reminder to vacuum under the cushions, wipe down any surfaces, and take a broom and/or mop underneath and behind it!

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