Donating to Cleaning Causes

What we’ve learned over the course of the pandemic is that cleaning is a way to care. That makes cleaning causes a good way to give back. Today, as we celebrate the International Day of Charity, we’re talking about cleaning as an altruistic act.

For the cleaning products industry, donating product is an important way to help support communities. During the first nine months of the pandemic, cleaning product companies donated over 7 million liters of hand sanitizer. Companies also donate unused cleaning products through the Good360 program to help those in need.

Looking for a cleaning charity to support? Clean the World is a charity that brings soap and other hygiene products to vulnerable communities around the world, recycling unused product from hotels. This is the charity supported by the American Cleaning Institute’s annual duck race. Check out some of the fantastic work being done by Clean the World:

Cleaning can also be a great way to help out others in your family or neighborhood. However you choose to give the gift of clean, it shows you care about the health and well-being of those around you.



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