Environmental Impact of Cleaning Products

The choices we make each day matter for the long-term health of our planet and, as climate change becomes more and more our reality, we all need to be considering our carbon footprint. That’s why the cleaning products industry is banding together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ACI has been working on sustainability for 15 years and that work is accelerating to help solve today’s pressing environmental concerns. While we strive to do our part, we need your help, too!

As the industry making the soaps and detergents in your home, we’re stepping up to do our part to stay within the 1.5°C warming pathway and reach net-zero global emissions by 2050. Once these products reach your home, you can help save even more energy:

  • Aim for full loads in your washing machine.
  • Consider washing your laundry (and dishes) in cooler water.
  • Replace old appliances with newer, energy-efficient models as they wear out.
  • Look for products sold in recycled packaging and/or ones that have reusable packages and refills.
  • Recycle empty containers – look for the How2Recycle label.
  • Hang or fold clothes straight away to reduce the need for ironing.

Are there things on this list you’re already doing? Share in the comments! And look for more updates on this and other sustainability initiatives from the industry, as well as how you can help, by following #OurFutureIsClean on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Together we can make that dream a reality. Help spread the word – we all have a part to play in tackling climate change and ensuring that Our Future Is Clean!



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