Folding for Space Saving

When the laundry is done, it’s time for folding and putting it all away. But let’s face it, some things are easier to fold than others. We gathered resources and videos to help you fold like a pro.

Fitted Sheet – This one trips a lot of people up, but the bedding experts over at Good Housekeeping do a good job walking you through the steps.

Blankets – These can take up a lot of room. Follow this folding hack to make your blanket into a pillow or just reduce the space it takes up on the shelf.

Shirts – Are you folding your shirts into packets? The KonMari method may seem like a fad, but folding in such a way that you can see all the shirts in your drawer at a glance has some real advantages.

Socks – These can be the easiest to lose if you don’t fold them together. There’s more than one good way to keep your socks together, as this WikiHow article explains.



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