Getting Odors Out of Clothes

Most of the time, doing a load of laundry can make your clothes looking better and smelling better, too. But sometimes the odor doesn’t all come out. Here’s how to eliminate those tough clothing odors:

  • Allow sweaty clothes to dry. If clothes are dry before they hit the hamper, it will breed less bacteria and keep that odor from multiplying.
  • Do laundry regularly. If clothes have been sitting in a hamper for weeks, those odors will be harder to remove.
  • Use the right detergent. Wicking gym clothes can often trap odors in the microfibers, making it difficult to remove. There are detergents designed to get out those stubborn odors that can build up over time.
  • Wash inside out. This will let the detergent better access the worst odor causing spots.
  • Hang it dry. Some time on a clothes line can help air out odors and sun exposure can help kill germs.

It only takes a few extra steps to say goodbye to stubborn clothing odors.



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