Hope for Removing Old Stains

Do you check your clothes when they come out of the washer to make sure any stains are gone? If you don’t or forgot, you may pull an item out of the dryer and find that the heat has caused the stain to set. At that point, you may think all hope is lost, but there are still a couple of things you can try.

Pretreat and wash it again. Make sure to let the fabric sit after applying the stain remover and before putting it in the washer. This may not work, but it’s worth a try if the alternative is putting the item in the trash.

Get out the bleach. If it’s safe for the fabric, bleach can be a helpful way to remove those really tough stains, even after they’ve set. This isn’t just for white clothes, depending on the kind of bleach you use. When going this route, be sure to follow the directions on the product label and let the clothing soak in the solution. And then let the clothes air dry to check if the stain is completely gone. If not, you can try soaking it again.

Tell us how it works! We love to hear those success stories when stained clothes are saved.



  1. E

    Great article! I especially like/love that you didnt criticize Bleach and bleach containing products because so many seem to be doing that now-a-days.. I personally feel safer and more secure when I am using my bleach cleaning products verses other products that people say to use (vinegar) Instead, but thats not happening in my house. I actually love the smell of bleach and the stain fighting abilities are top notch compared to most stain fighters that are manufactured today at higher prices. As long as you are cautious and read the labels as you should already be doing anyway, then in my opinion, you’ve got the best most trustworthy multi purpose solution that will last awhile. I am a lifelong loyal Bleach Advocate, if you will! Thanks!


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