How to Clean a Door Mat

Door mats are a reliable way to greet your guests while minimizing dirt, dust and rainwater from being tracked into your home. As the first line of defense for keeping floors clean and dry, door mats have seen their fair share of stains and grime. Regular maintenance and the occasional deep clean can help your door mats last longer, look better and effectively trap dirt before it gets inside your home.

Regular Cleaning

Vacuum door mats weekly, beating or shaking loose dirt out to ensure nothing is left behind. Deep clean door mats at least monthly for those placed indoors or in low-traffic areas. Outdoor mats and those that are in high-traffic areas should be deep cleaned more often.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning looks different for different kinds of door mats. For rubber-backed door mats, which are common for indoor use and have plush synthetic fibers on top of a vinyl or rubber-backed base, use a carpet cleaner or mild detergent and water. Some of these mats are machine washable – check the care label before cleaning.

Cotton and microfiber mats can be machine washed then air-dried. Coir matting, which is made from the husks of coconut shells, can be more difficult to clean despite their durability. Vacuum the mat, then sprinkle a powder cleaner or baking soda over it. Let this sit for at least 30 minutes, then vacuum the leftover powder.

Stubborn marks and stains can be cleaned with a damp cloth, scrub brush or washed off with a hose. Always make sure the mat is completely dry before putting it back in place.


If your door mat looks a little rough around the edges, it may be time to replace it. Generally, door mats should be replaced every two years.



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