How to Clean Your Jeans

Jeans have become a wardrobe essential. However, they require a bit of special care to help them last a long time. You do need to wash them. In fact, you should be washing them every few times you wear them. Here’s how:

  • Read and follow the fabric care label.
  • If the jeans are machine washable, turn them inside out and wash in cold water, ideally using a laundry detergent designed for denim. For dark jeans, wash separately the first few times.
  • If using the dryer, pull them out when still slightly damp and then dry flat. Once dry, hang to store.

To hand wash jeans, add detergent to cool water, swish jeans around in the water, then let them soak before draining the dirty water. Refill for another soak before taking them out, removing excess water and letting them dry.

Between washes, if jeans get a stain, spot clean by hand with cool water and a little detergent. Then rinse the area and let dry.

While you may have heard of different theories like freezing your jeans, keep in mind that this will not replace washing them. When you first take jeans out of the freezer, it can seem like this worked because any smell is greatly reduced. However, as they warm up with your body temperature, the odor returns. There is no substitute for a little detergent and water.

There you have it. Celebrate National Denim Day by washing your jeans!



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