Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

One topic that has gotten more attention lately is the quality of the air in our homes. This became even more important when the pandemic hit and we were spending even more time in these spaces. Air quality is particularly important for those with allergies, since one common allergen is dust. That is why it was a key topic of discussion during our Discover Cleaning Summit, held in partnership with Good Housekeeping.

Air purifiers are available for home use and can help to filter out air pollutants. Allergens like dust can also be kept to a minimum through cleaning. Panelist Lenny Sciarrino shared the importance of using proper fabrics to dust and clean, like cotton rags instead of a feather duster. Dr. John Ryan went on to talk about the extra issues that come with pet dander. The panel also talked about “damp dusting,” whether you should vacuum before or after you dust and the need to focus on preventing buildup.

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