Keeping Kids and Their Best Friends Safe at Home

Sometimes as adults, we forget that little ones running around our homes – our kids and our pets – see things at a different eye-level. The American Cleaning Institute wants to quickly remind you of some danger zones, so that you can keep your cutie pies clean and happy at all times.

  1. When you’re cleaning and have buckets of dirty water with cleaning solution on the floor, be sure to keep an eye on your children and pets, so they aren’t tempted to put their hands, paws, or mouths where they shouldn’t be.
  2. Always keep cleaning product bottles up and out of their reach and tightly sealed at all times. This is particularly important for laundry packets, which should never be handled or held by youngsters.
  3. Whenever possible, clean when your little ones are out of the house, especially if you get easily distracted by work or other things.


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