You Won’t Believe Which Cleaning Job We Enjoy Most

Do tidy toilets at home make you happy? They might, according to ACI’s 2019 National Cleaning Survey. Clean potties were number one when it comes to what makes us happy. We can say the same for clean countertops, shiny floors, spotless sinks, sparkling showers and gleaming windows. Those are the surfaces that make us happiest to have cleaned, but that’s different from what we actually enjoy cleaning.

ACI also learned what makes us tick when it comes to what cleaning job we enjoy cleaning the most. You might be surprised to know that this year, topping the list was laundry. Yep, you heard right! We suppose it’s due to the clean smells and that feeling you get when your drawers and closets are fresh and ready to go for the week. What else do we enjoy? Next on the list are cleaning our countertops, vacuuming, doing the dishes and cleaning furniture.

What’s your fave?



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