Keeping the Oceans Clean

June 8th marks World Ocean Day. The vastness of the ocean may have you wondering, what can I do to help?

We’ve got a few small ways you can make a big impact and celebrate World Ocean Day!

  • Save Water – You may already know to turn off the tap when you wash or brush but here are some less apparent ways to save water when we clean, like scraping but not pre-rinsing your dishes!
  • Save Energy – Wash in cold water when you can and aim for full loads of dishes and laundry (although running a half full dishwasher is still more efficient than handwashing)! Want to do more? We’ve got more suggestions.
  • Reduce Waste – There are lots of ways to reduce waste, including recycling, using all of the cleaning product in a container, and product refills. Find more ideas here.

The cleaning products industry is driving improvements in sustainability by creating products that are environmentally and economically sound. Learn more in the American Cleaning Institute’s 2022 Sustainability Report.



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