Keeping Your Kitty Cat’s Home Safe and Clean

June is adopt a shelter cat month! If you bring a precious kitty home (or already have a favorite feline friend)`, here are a few steps to cat-proof your space so you can enjoy years of happiness together.

Beware of Poisonous Plants

You may want to put houseplants where your fur-baby will not have access. Avoid certain plants, like lilies, foxglove and philodendron, that can cause vomiting, lethargy, and in some cases, death. Here’s the list.

Put Away Your Valuables

Cats love to play and kittens can be especially rambunctious. Put breakables in a cabinet that your kitty can’t access.

 Secure Electrical Cords

Take the time to secure any electrical cords on the floor. Unplug cords that are not used often and invest in cord protectors to prevent a calamity.

Check Your Windows and Screens

Cats and kittens love to sit in the window and watch the world go by. This may be one of the first stops in a new home. Double check to make sure windows and screens are intact and latched tightly.

Essential Cleaning Supplies

Pets are a handful, so you may want to stock up on some essential cleaning supplies.

  • Keeping pet hair under control is a breeze with dust wipes.
  • For accidents, consider a urine remover that is safe for the fabrics in your home.
  • Plastic liner bags for litter pans help make changing the litter box a breeze.
  • Have bleach on stand-by because when mixed with water in measured amounts, it can help disinfect the litter box.
  • Have a good supply of disinfecting wipes or multi-purpose cleaners on hand in case your pet walks on counter tops where food is prepared and served.

For more ACI tips on having pets and a clean home, click here.





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