Listening to the Cleanfluencers

Have you heard of cleanfluencers? Oftentimes, these are the cleaning wizards you can see on social media giving you the latest cleaning tips and tricks. Sometimes they’re other moms and dads sharing how they deal with cleaning the house and what they’ve learned in the process. Check out what a couple of these influencers have been saying about cleaning lately:

Dustin & Burton

“We don’t want to be the ones that are always cleaning up after [the kids.] We want to show that it’s up to them to care for our entire family and care for themselves by cleaning … Cleaning products have become a way for us to care for and protect each other.”

Watch the whole video.

Modern Mom Life

“When we clean our homes we are caring for ourselves and those who live with us. With a clean and germ-free home we can focus on more important things – like spending time with each other and making positive memories.”

Read the full blog post.

These are great reminders on the importance of cleaning when caring for a family! Want to hear more? You can follow these and other influencers and the American Cleaning Institute is always a great resource for cleaning guides and proper cleaning product use. Then, save the date for a cleaning summit with Good Housekeeping this fall where we will be taking the cleaning conversation to the next level!



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