Reduce Your Cleaning Carbon Footprint

Each year, Climate Week asks big questions and demands bold action. It’s a vital chance for discussion and committing to doing more on an international level. It can also be an opportunity to commit to doing more on an individual level. All the changes we make to reduce our carbon footprints, collectively and independently, will help determine our future. And the cleaning product industry is working to help ensure #OurFutureIsClean.

Last year, we launched a Social Media Challenge, featuring actions being taken across the cleaning product supply chain to be more sustainable. This year, we’re bringing that Challenge back, focusing on the goal of reducing emissions. We’ve asked companies to share what they’re doing and we also want to share tips on what you can do to use less energy while cleaning. Keep an eye out for these #OurFutureIsClean posts throughout the fall and join us in sharing all the actions, large and small, that will reduce our cleaning carbon footprint.

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