Safe and Clean Commute

As we’ve been learning, the main way COVID-19 spreads is from close person-to-person transmission and can be mitigated through maintaining social distance and wearing a mask. Other things that can help include handwashing and cleaning frequently-touched surfaces regularly. You can stay #safeandcleanathome but what does all this mean for your commute or other transportation needs? What you need to keep in mind can depend on the method of transportation.

If you’re driving your own car, you’ll want to clean things like the steering wheel, gear shift, door handles and seatbelts regularly. You also may want to consider limiting the number of passengers, especially those in different family groups, and open the windows if weather permits.

Here are some more car disinfecting tips:

car disinfecting

If using a taxi, car service or getting a ride from a friend, avoid touching surfaces whenever possible and use touchless payment if you can. Try to maintain social distance with the driver or other passengers. It can be helpful to bring hand sanitizer to use after getting out of the vehicle.

Public transportation shares many of the same precautions of trying to limit touching surfaces as much as possible and maintaining distance when you can. For added peace of mind, you can see what the local transit authority is doing in terms of safety and cleaning precautions.

However you get there, make a point to wash your hands as soon as you arrive at your destination. And if you are carrying hand sanitizer or other cleaning products, store them, or the bag they’re in, up and away so they are out of reach of any children. With some new habits, you can stay safe and clean even during your commute.

For more information, see CDC’s resources on staying safe while using transportation.



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