Safe and Clean Hotel Check-In Checklist

As things start returning to normal, many of us will be traveling once again. With that comes navigating airports, train stations, restaurants and hotels. Whether you are staying in a rental property or hotel room, you want to know your space is safe and clean.

One key factor is choosing a place you trust. Ask the rental owners about their cleaning routines or inquire with a hotel about their protocols between guests. It can also help to read reviews and see how others have rated the location for cleanliness.

One way to make sure your home away from home is clean is to make it part of your check-in routine. Here’s our check-in checklist of what to clean and disinfect when you arrive:

  • Carry wipes for cleaning quickly. There are even travel packs of disinfectant wipes that can make the job easier.
  • Focus on the high-touch spots that might be overlooked during routine cleaning, like door knobs, light switches, phones or remote controls.
  • Wash the dishes prior to using them, especially if there is a kitchenette or kitchen in the unit. This is only needed if you plan on using them during your stay.
  • Do a visual check of the room to make sure it looks clean, especially the bathroom. If not, it may be worth a call to the front desk for assistance.


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