Safe at Home with New Cleaning Habits

If you’ve been following our #SafeAndCleanAtHome series, you’ve done some spring cleaning and now have several great tips and tricks to keep from bringing germs like the novel coronavirus home with you. As businesses begin to reopen and more of us are out and about, we’ll need to navigate a new normal and cleaning will continue to play an important role. For the last week of daily challenges, we’ll be focusing on setting new habits that will be useful during this time. Join us and get all the best cleaning tips to continue to keep your family safe and healthy in the weeks and months to come.

We hope our challenges and tips so far have helped you make the most of more time spent indoors and connect with the online community. This isn’t the end! Keep cleaning and organizing and share your favorite before and after photos using the hashtag #SafeAndCleanAtHome. We’ll continue to check in, share updates and see how your spring cleaning projects are going.



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