Tackling the Trickiest Home Cleaning Questions

We hope you’ll join us later this month for the 2022 Discover Cleaning Summit: The Clean, Healthy and Happy Home. This free, virtual event is a joint initiative between the American Cleaning Institute and Good Housekeeping and will be held on October 26 from 1-3 PM EDT.

This year’s summit will take a whole-home approach and examine consumer issues, industry innovations and home design and other trends related to kitchen and bathroom cleaning, laundry challenges and maintaining good indoor air quality. Key discussion topics include:

  • Examining cleaning the kitchen and bathroom for health and safety
  • Exploring how new appliances, detergents and textiles are changing the way we do laundry
  • Uncovering how to maintain good indoor air quality by managing dust and other indoor air pollutants

Leading up to the event, we’ve been seeing a lot of great questions coming in and wanted to share resources to help get you some answers!

How do you clean bulky (and decorative) comforters at home? Check out our guide to deep cleaning bedding.

How do you clean stainless steel? We get this question a lot! Here are our tips.

How do you clean bathroom grout? Grout is generally porous and light colored so it can discolor quickly. Here’s how to keep it clean.

How do you clean wooden blinds? From glass to windowsills to blinds, we have tips for maintaining clean windows.

How do you clean a dirty oven? Ovens do a lot of the hard work in the kitchen. Here’s how to clean them (when you don’t have or aren’t using the self-cleaning feature).

For more insights on cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, getting the laundry done, and improving home air quality through cleaning, register today and tune in on the 26th!



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