Tame Holiday Mess

The holidays are wonderful, yet they bring with them their own brand of mess. Decorations, plants and trees, candles, big family dinners and house guests present challenges for keeping a clean house throughout December.

We’ve got some tips for keeping things clean without losing your mind.

  • Declutter your house before the holidays are here. That will make it much easier to keep it neat once the madness starts.
  • Keep pre-moistened window wipes on hand to clean up smudges on windows and mirrors, especially if there are kids in the house.
  • If your good linen get stained and the label says it can be machine washed, grab a stain stick or stain wipe and address the stain quickly. When meals are done, clear the table and pre-treat any stains with and prewash stain remover. Fill the washing machine with laundry detergent, water (check the label for the right temperature) and bleach (if the fabric can tolerate it) and let the linens soak there overnight. Run the washer in the morning.
  • Flatten boxes and bag up wrapping paper quickly once presents are opened.
  • Put mats at the front door to help keep the dirt out when guests come in and shake them often to remove excess dirt.
  • When you’re putting away decorations, clean them before storing them in closed bins that are clearly marked with what room they go in. That will make next year’s decorating easier. (Hint: take a photo of how you decorated this year so that you can quickly recreate the look next year.)

Having a neat house will allow you to focus on celebrating and enjoying friends and family, so try to spend a few minutes every day on cleaning.  Then reward yourself with your favorite holiday treats.

For more tips on holiday cleaning, visit http://www.cleaninginstitute.org/clean_living/quick_holiday_spruceups.aspx.



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