The Importance of Cleaning For Well-Being

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, our surroundings often mirror the chaos within us. A cluttered room can translate to a cluttered mind. Conversely, the act of cleaning not only transforms our physical environment but also holds profound mental health benefits. From alleviating stress to promoting mindfulness, the therapeutic sweep of cleaning extends far beyond just tidying up.

This spring cleaning season, take on those deep cleaning tasks as an act of self-care. The data backs up just how important this ritual is for our mental health:

  • 87% of Americans agree that having a clean home helps them feel their best, both mentally and physically.
  • Most survey respondents found that having a clean home gave them a sense of accomplishment, boosted their mood, made them feel more productive, decreased stress and anxiety, and gave them more confidence.
  • A Princeton University study found that clutter makes it more difficult to focus on other tasks.
  • Another study found that those practicing mindfulness while washing dishes reported a 27% reduction in nervousness.

When you’re cleaning and organizing this spring, remember that you’re not just tidying up—you’re nurturing your mental health one scrub at a time. They aren’t just chores; you’re #CleaningForWellBeing.



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