Think Safety During Poison Prevention Week

If you’re spring cleaning like 75% of your neighbors, it’s a good time to keep an eye out for safety. In recognition of Poison Prevention Week, be sure look for things that should not be within reach of children and adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia. including cleaning products and other items like medication, alcohol, tobacco products, and pesticides.

One of the newer products more and more people are using every day are liquid laundry packets. The American Cleaning Institute wants to make sure these products are safely stored at all times. Here are some safe reminders for your clean and happy nest!

  • Detergent, Not Décor: Always keep liquid laundry packets tightly secured in their original packaging, which is designed to be difficult for children to get into. Never display packets in a glass jar or vase, where they could attract the attention of curious children.
  • Do it Right – Up High and Out of Sight:  Store liquid laundry packets in an overhead cabinet that’s secured with a child safety lock. If you don’t have a cabinet, place liquid laundry packets (in the original packaging) in a larger bin with other laundry and household products and put it up high where those at risk won’t be able to see it.
  • Make Unreachable Teachable: Get your children involved in the laundry routine by helping sort and fold clothes with you. While you’re tackling laundry together, use it as a teaching moment and show children the safety icons on the liquid laundry packet packaging and educate them that they are not to ever be touched.
  • From Store to Storage:  When purchasing laundry packets and other household cleaners from the store, have them bagged separately and put them away in their designated safe storage spot – out of sight and out of reach of children – as soon as you get home and unpack your groceries.
  • Key Information for Senior Caregivers: If you are caring for an individual who shows the signs or symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, all cleaning products, including laundry detergents, should be stored in a locked cabinet or a closet. For more information, please view ACI’s safety tips for caregivers:

Knowledge is the key to injury prevention and taking a few simple steps will help keep your family safe. Visit to learn more about what you can do during Poison Prevention Week and all year round:




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