Through Their Eyes: Hidden home dangers

Young children explore their surroundings by touch and taste, and accidents can happen in an instant. It’s important to always store potentially dangerous products up and away from kids.

Have you crawled around at your little one’s level to spot all the potential hazards?

Common household items can pose a threat if they aren’t stored properly and get into little hands. Items you might not think of including your purse and laundry products. Many parents don’t treat laundry detergents and stain fighters the way they do cleaning supplies, but they should (and must!)

To help parents and caregivers remember to practice safe laundry habits, the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) launched PACKETS UP! and is offering free, nifty little reminder clings to place in the laundry room. Order yours here and remember to always keep laundry packets up and away from children.

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