To Sort or Not to Sort

Does laundry sorting still matter? The ACI website’s laundry guide recommends sorting, yet a third of U.S. adults don’t bother. Have these non-sorters found a time-saving tip or are they ruining their clothes?

Washing mixed loads of laundry doesn’t mean your clothes will be immediately ruined. Gone are the days of white socks turning pink when washed with a new red shirt. Well, mostly. Modern dyes are less likely to run and laundry detergents and appliances are more effective at cleaning at lower temperatures. Wash in cold water and you should be okay, particularly if the clothes have been washed before.

That said, a little dye can still transfer in the wash. If you wash dark and white clothes together this can result in dark clothes fading a little with each wash and whites looking slightly dingier. You may not even notice the difference after one load of laundry but it will become more apparent after repeated washes. This is one of the reasons why separating your laundry is helpful. When you sort by color (as well as fabric type and soil level) your clothes can last longer, looking newer.

We’ve all been short of time and the bottom line is that cleaned is better than not cleaned. However, if you have the time, sorting will let you keep your clothes looking their best.




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