What’s Your 2020 Cleaning Resolution?

It’ll soon be 2020, and now’s a perfect time to envision our household resolutions. Why not set your sights on easy ways to keep your home clean and family healthy?

We want to hear from you! Please put your tips in the comments so we can share your ideas with other readers. To get us started, here are a few simple ways to clean aplenty in twenty twenty!

  • Kick off the new year by cleaning out spaces that don’t get as much love, like the linen closet, bathroom cabinets, and pantry.
  • Go through the house and find gently used items and clothes that you can donate to a local nonprofit.
  • Put on your favorite music, walk around, and wipe down gadgets, décor, and other knickknacks that make your house your home.

What’s your idea?



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