Choosing Cleaning Appliances

A major cleaning appliance is a big-ticket item. Keep satisfaction high and disappointment low with some key steps.

First, study the dealer’s available printed materials. Specification sheets will help you compare different features, designs and capabilities on different makes and models. Check the warranty to find out how long the coverage is in effect, if it covers the entire product or only certain parts and if labor is included. The appliance manual will give you additional information, such as how the product operates, and if any special care is required.

Compare what you have learned with your personal requirements. What features will you really use? Will the use justify any extra cost? Will efficiency features save energy, water and money? Does the size meet you family’s lifestyle requirements? Will the appliance fit where you plan to install it … with sufficient clearance to open doors and accommodate family traffic patterns? Does your home have adequate electrical service for the appliance receptacles?

Once you receive the new appliance, don’t wait to try it out. This will help you learn how to use those new settings that can start saving you energy and money. It also means you don’t wait until it’s too late to discover that something doesn’t work properly. Warranties are based on time, not usage. Since most defects show up during the first few uses, make a point of trying out each feature and testing the controls in the early stages of ownership. If you should have a problem, contact the dealer or service agency immediately. If they don’t handle the problem to your satisfaction, contact the manufacturer.

With these steps, you can make the best choice for you and your family, then enjoy your new cleaning appliance!

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