Cleaning Products That Save Time

One of the best ways to save time cleaning is actually to do it more often. Doing a little cleaning each day will help you stay on top of these tasks and reduce the need for deep cleaning. Here are some cleaning products that can help make cleaning as you go easier:

  • Daily Shower Cleaner – This can help keep shower and tub surfaces free of soap scum, mildew stains and hard-water deposits and save you from scrubbing later. Enlist everyone in the household to mist the surfaces immediately after they shower, while the walls are still wet and warm.
  • Disposable Toilet Brush – Cleaning the toilet is at the top of disliked chores, but it’s also a vital one. How can you make it easier? Consider a toilet brush with a replaceable head. The head comes with cleaning product in it and you dispose of it when you’re done scrubbing.
  • Dish Spray – Did you know that liquid dish soap was designed for cleaning a sink full of dishes? The water reacts with the soap to create suds that help get the dishes clean. When you want to just clean a dish or two, a dish spray may be a better choice.
  • Cleaning Wipes – From all-purpose cleaning to dusting to disinfecting, there’s a wipe for your need that is pre-moistened and easy to use. If we’re doing a deep clean, we still get out the microfiber cloths and cleaners, but you can’t beat a wipe for quick cleaning.
  • Stain Remover Pen – With stains, the earlier you treat them, the better your chance of getting them out. It’s a good idea to tuck a stain remover pen in your bag so you can start treating a stain even if you can’t wash it right away.


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