Women at Work: Cleaning Innovations

Women are innovating at companies across the cleaning product supply chain every day. Their contributions have undoubtedly made the industry stronger and better able to meet consumer needs today and in the future.

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, we’re taking a look back at just a few of the cleaning developments and innovations that came about due to women:

  • Josephine Cochrane – In 1886, she patented a machine that washed dishes using water pressure. She won an award for her invention at the Chicago World’s Fair and her company was eventually sold to KitchenAid, which became part of Whirlpool.
  • Annie Murray – In 1916, liquid bleach was primarily being used for industrial cleaning and she prompted the creation of a less-concentrated version for household use. She gave away samples from the Electro-Alkaline Company (which eventually became The Clorox Company) and educated families on how to use it to clean, disinfect and whiten.
  • Joy Mangano – Holder of 126 distinct patents, she is known for inventing the self-wringing Miracle Mop in 1991. She went on to create many more household items and the movie Joy came out in 2015 about her life story.


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