Faster Cleaning Shortcuts

Today is the day to kick back and relax because it’s #LazyDay. There will always be something to clean, but our cleaning shortcuts will help you knock out the chores and enjoy the sunshine sooner:

Go from the top down – As you dust or clean, things can fall and what’s the point in cleaning floors twice? Cleaning the highest things to the lowest is usually the most efficient way to go. It also can help to have a path around the house for your cleaning routine so you can go on autopilot without skipping anything, like starting in one corner of your home and working your way around.

Apply product first – Especially when disinfecting, the surface will need to stay wet for the entire contact time. Start one place, spray well, and then move on to the next. Then circle back to the first spot and loop back around with a clean cloth to wipe. This works well with cleaning bathrooms and other places where the product needs some time to work, too.

Do a little bit at a time – Cleaning can be overwhelming if you let it pile up! And with COVID-19, you should be disinfecting frequently-touched things regularly, anyway. So focus on the most important things and break up your tasks into manageable chunks. Maybe put on a show you like and plan to clean during the commercial breaks?

Multitask – While you’re spending more time at home anyway, take a look at your routines and consider how they can be optimized. For instance, soaking a pan with soap and water before dinner doesn’t take long and can make clean up a lot easier. Or get a pair of dust mop slippers to polish wood or tile floors while you’re on the phone. Find what works for you.

We hope these tips on efficient cleaning help you keep your space clean while fitting in time to just be lazy!



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