When It Makes Scents: Cleaning Product Fragrances

When using a cleaning product with a scent you adore, that pleasant smell adds to the rewarding feeling of a job well done. Depending on the fragrance, it can be an escape to a tropical destination or a reminder of spring in the middle of winter. Fragrance is often a driving factor in choosing a cleaning product. But what’s in a scent?

A fragrance is a mix of many different substances. These ingredients may be natural compounds (that come from materials like flowers, fruit, trees, plants, or nuts), essential oils, or synthetic compounds. Lavender and lemon are two common fragrances that can be found in cleaning products.

Learn more about the science and art of developing fragrances at the Fragrance Conservatory. Walk through the process of how a scent is created and find out more about the roles of fragrance compounds in creating your favorite clean smell.

Then see how that fragrance combines with all the other ingredients for the final cleaning product by checking out

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