Fun with Handwashing for Any Age

December 1-7, 2021 marks National Handwashing Awareness Week. Since we’re in the midst of cold and flu season, it’s especially important to revisit the basics of handwashing. We’ll be spending more time indoors and around others who might have colds, making it more likely that we’ll be exposed to the germs that can give us the sniffles or a full-blown sickness.

Remember: Clean hands prevent sickness!

Whether you’re at home or in the classroom, the Healthy Schools, Healthy People program includes games, videos, activities and other resources to reinforce healthy hand hygiene habits. Test your knowledge with the Handwashing Sorting Game, Pop Quiz, Word Search and When to Wash Your Hands Game.

Want to learn more? ACI offers handy tips on how and when to wash up, like after coming into contact with high touch surfaces – think doorknobs and light switches – and what you can do when soap isn’t available. There also are tools for educators, including infographics, fun coloring sheets for kids and flash cards that encourage this healthy habit.



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