Removing Tobacco Odors and Stains

Today is the Great American Smokeout and the perfect time to start the journey toward a smoke-free life. However, if you’ve been smoking for a while, you may be left with more reminders of the habit than you expected. From clothes to furniture, smoke can permeate surfaces and the odor and discoloration can be hard to dislodge, especially if they’ve been accumulating for a while. Here are some helpful hints for removing tobacco odors and stains.

Windows – Start by airing out the house! Turn on the fans and keep the windows open. Then use window cleaner to remove any residue from the glass.

Floors – Vacuum the floors. Then sprinkle with a dry floor cleaner or baking soda and vacuum again. Mop floors without carpeting.

Walls – This can be one of the biggest places where odors are absorbed. Wash with a sponge or clean microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner, trying on an inconspicuous corner first to make sure the cleaner does not damage the paint. If that doesn’t work, your best bet may be to apply a sealant and then repaint.

Upholstery Furniture – Remove any furniture covers you can to put in the laundry and vacuum what cannot be removed. A furniture cleaner can also be helpful here.

Clothes and Fabrics – Launder anything that can be safely run through the washer and dryer or hand wash. Take things that can’t be washed to a dry cleaner.

If your efforts are not successful at first, subsequent washes may prove more helpful. There are also professional cleaners that specialize in smoke odor removal.

May your home be happy, clean and smoke-free!



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