Goodnight, Kitchen

Do you have a bedtime routine? You may read your kids a bedtime story or brush your teeth, but what about the kitchen? Cleaning up and closing down the kitchen at night can have a number of benefits. It lets you start your morning in a clean kitchen and it removes any temptation for unwelcome guests, like ants.

So what might be involved in a kitchen close down? TheKitchn.com has a great article on this and some of the steps they recommend are:

  • Load the dishwasher and start it right after dinner.
  • Clear clutter off the counters, then clean them.
  • Wipe down your stove and sink, using a non-abrasive scrubbing cleanser.
  • Clean your sink and counters.
  • Put your dish towels in the laundry and put out clean ones.
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor.

You may do some of these already and it would probably only take a few more minutes to include the rest. What do you think – is there something on this list you’ll be adding to your routine?



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