How to Clean Key Spots in the Home

The kitchen and bathroom top the list of key rooms to clean in the home. That’s why they were the focus of a panel discussion during the third annual Discover Cleaning Summit, hosted by Good Housekeeping and the American Cleaning Institute.

Why should these rooms be at the top of your cleaning list? According to the panel’s cleaning experts, these rooms have places that are often damp or have crevices, which germs love. They are also high-traffic areas, giving even more reason to regularly clean and disinfect.

There are things you can do to make cleaning the kitchen and bathroom easier. This includes paying attention to the surfaces you put in during a room redesign. Copper has naturally antimicrobial properties and can be useful when used in sinks. Stainless steel is fairly easy to clean. No matter what you’re cleaning, be sure to read the label, because there are products that you shouldn’t use on some surfaces, like copper or stone.

Thanks to all who participated in a great event this year! If you missed the Discover Cleaning Summit, you can read the recap and watch the sessions on demand at https://bit.ly/3tGEYdW.



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